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August 14 - Early Move In (on campus only)

August 15- Convocation & Open House Day 1

Convocation will be the introduction of Primary Recruitment 2024 allowing PNMs to learn more about our Panhellenic community and the primary recruitment process at The College. Comfortable clothing can be worn to Convocation along with tennis shoes or another comfortable choice. Before any recruitment events, PNMs will have the opportunity to change into their outfits. 

August 16 - Open House Day 2

For Open House Round, PNMs will attend 25-minute parties with short breaks between the events. PNMs will receive shirts from the Panhellenic Council to wear for these parties that can be paired with any comfortable bottoms.  

August 17 - Philanthropy Round 

During this round, PNMs will attend 30-minute events with short breaks between parties. For Philanthropy Round, PNMs are encouraged to wear a light sundress dress or romper with sandals or flats. An alternative option is casual bottoms and a nice top. Philanthropy Round is casual, so stick with more casual dresses or alternatives that you would wear to brunch with friends!

August 18 - Sisterhood Round 

For Sisterhood Round, each event will be 40 minutes, with short breaks between each party. We recommend PNMs wear nicer attire than Philanthropy Round, paired with heels, wedges, or sandals. This round is typically described as wedding or "Sunday Best" attire.

August 19-23 - Break for first week of classes

August 24 - Preference Round 

Events during Preference Round will be 45 minutes, with short breaks between each party. PNMs are encouraged to wear semi-formal attire, such as a cocktail dress or dress pants and a dress top with heels, wedges, or sandals. Preference Round attire is the most formal day.

August 25 - Bid Day 

Women will receive invitations to membership before attending a celebration with their new sisters. 


It is important to remember that each chapter wants you to feel comfortable and confident in what you are wearing! Chapters do not score you based purely on what you are wearing, so take pride in showcasing your personal style through each outfit you decide to wear for each round. Confidence is key for any Panhellenic Woman!

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