Frequently Asked Questions


I'm sure you have a question or two about Greek life at the College of Charleston, or about Greek life in general. Check out these FAQs, and hopefully you can find the answers you're looking for!

Why should I join a sorority?


Joining Greek life is life-changing. You'll get leadership opportunities you never would have had outside of Greek life. You get access to scholarships and academic support programs and have a network of people ready and willing to help you with your studies. You also get to serve your community in a way that many others do not. When you find the place you belong, you make friends that will last forever, and meet people who will make your life better than it ever has been.




What about hazing?

No sororities at the College of Charleston allow hazing. Learn more about our hazing policies and procedures here.

What if I already know what
sorority I would like to be in?

We encourage you to go into Recruitment with an open mind, without and bias. Often, girls who go into Recruitment knowing that they want, experience the most disappointment. It is important to make the decision that is best for you.


What do I wear to Recruitment?


On Open House days, you will receive a Panhellenic Recruitment T-Shirt. For 2021 Recruitment, Open House will be virtual. You will be watching videos so you won't be meeting any sororities those two days. Philanthropy round should still be casual and comfortable. An ideal outfit for this day would be shorts or a skirt, and a cute top. Sisterhood will be a little dressier than the previous days. This would be a good day to wear a dress or skirt with your choice of shoes. Lastly, Preference will be the dressiest of all days. A dress you would wear to church or a nice event will be appropriate. Your Pi Chi's will be available to help you with outfit choices. We want you to remember to be comfortable and be yourself!




What do sororities look for in new members?

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly what sorority women are looking for. There are as many answers to that question as there are sorority women. A strong academic background is very important to every sorority. Each sorority has a minimum grade requirement and no matter how wonderful the Potential New Member may be, the sorority might no accept her if she cannot meet the grade requirement.


Often, women have friends currently in sororities or are legacies to certain sororities. Some women feel that these Potential New Members have an advantage in that sorority. However, just as you are not obligated to join that sorority, that sorority is not obligated to extend you an invitation for membership. Furthermore, you should not worry if you are not a legacy or do not know anyone in a sorority. The entire point of going through formal recruitment is to meet new people, and every sorority wants to give all Potential New Members an equal chance. It is most important to be yourself. Every sorority is looking for a variety of members.