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Hello! We are delighted to serve as this year's 2024 College of Charleston’s Panhellenic Vice

Presidents of Recruitment. We are so excited that you are interested in joining the wonderful

community that is Panhellenic. Our community contains 8 amazing chapters and with these chapters

we make up an approximate of 1,440 members who strive to uphold the values of friendship,

leadership, service, knowledge, integrity and community to improve our overall campus life and

promote the surrounding area.

Throughout the course of the primary recruitment process, we encourage you to keep an open mind

as you are not only joining a single organization, but could be a part of something much larger. The

process should be authentic and individual, and we advise you to find a chapter that encourages you

to be the best version of yourself, whose values align with your own, and one that will support you in

any circumstance. We hope that you will create meaningful and impactful connections during the

2024 Primary Recruitment process.

Our role as the Vice Presidents of Recruitment is to uphold the morals of the recruitment system. In

addition to maintaining the Panhellenic spirit as we work with our community throughout the 2024

Primary Recruitment process in preparation for welcoming you to the College of Charleston along

with our organizations.

We have worked analytically to ensure that all details of this process reflect the highest standards

and foster the ideals of a College of Charleston Panhellenic sorority member. We are here to ensure

you have a positive experience while participating in the Primary Recruitment process and to be

present for any and all of your needs.

Hope to see you soon,

Blakesley Rhett & Grace Perello

Vice Presidents of Recruitment

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