Recruitment Rules and Policies


  • Potential New Members (PNMs) must attend convocation and all of the recruitment parties that she has been invited to. Failture to attend will result in a withdrawl of that woman from all of recruitment.

  • No PNM is to give a promise to a sorority to join that organization before the completion of the recruitment process and formal bids are handed out. Likewise, no sorority is to give out a promise to a PNM to join that organization until the completion of the recruitment process.

  • No PNM will visit a sorority house other than during parties

  • No PNM will accept invitations to a sorority function until the completion of Bid Day. If an invitation is given out, they are to be reported to a Pi Chi or a Panhellenic Exec member

  • During the Recruitment process, night time activities are to be alcohol free. Attending a party as well as going to the bars is strictly prohibited. The Panhellenic Council has the right to remove any woman from recruitment who violated the alcohol free rule. Going to dinner with a Pi Chi group, family, or friends is an acceptable form of nighttime activity. Men do not help with our recruitment, therefore we cannot help or participate in IFC recruitment

  • No woman who goes through the recruitment process should step foot onto fraternity property or consume alcohol until 24 hours after the start of Bid Day

  • No PNM should reveal the affiliation of any recruitment staff to others if it is known or becomes known

  • No PNM should skip parties. If a PNM does not go to all of the parties on her list, she will be released from recruitment. If a PNM gets lost, she will be reassigned to another party time.

  • Strict silence will be help between the PNMs and the sororities between the completion of the last Preference party until the beginning of Bid Day.

  • Please try to avoid contact with any sorority members outside of parties. If you have any questions about schedules or how to get around campus, please as a Pi Chi or a member of Panhellenic Exec