Living Our Adventure

The mission of Living Our Adventure is to raise awareness and generate financial resources to support programs and organizations that are striving to create promising futures for children that have come from abusive backgrounds.

Vision of LOA


All current and future projects of Living Our Adventure will take action against sexual exploitation while simultaneously supporting programs and organizations that are assisting children who have come from abusive backgrounds.



All four founders of Living Our Adventure are members of Greek Life at the College of Charleston. They are Grace Farley, Katherine Boggs, Blair Ambrose, and Madison Miller.



Living Our Adventure's symbol of the footprint is an arrangement of various countries and states around the world reflecting the extension of community and support as echoed in in the poem Footprints in the Sand by Mary Stevenson. The bracelet is meant to serve as a recognizable force rooted in breaking the stigma surrounding sexual exploitation and human trafficking.

Project Belize


Currently we are working on Project Belize. After escaping human trafficking and/or sexually abusive situations, toddlers and teens often find themselves at Liberty’s Children Home in Belize, an orphanage that several dozen children call home. Unfortunately, it is required in Belize that once children reach the age of sixteen they are dismissed from the care of the orphanage, which often results in the separation of siblings, as well as, leaving young teens unable to find work in order to prosper. However, Liberty’s Children Home has created hope by building a school for teens between the age of sixteen and eighteen on the site of the orphanage. The goal is to keep brothers and sisters together, as well as implement the young adolescents with the skills necessary to obtain various internships and jobs allowing them to break the cycle of abuse. The funds raised for Project Belize are going toward this schooling, as it is part of LOA’s mission to help these children realize and reach their full potential.

Project Belize Bracelet

The Living Our Adventure bracelet has a bronze finished pendant with a dark brown vegan leather band. One size fits all due to the adjustable double sliding slip knots on the bracelet’s band. Purchase your own here!

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