Recruitment Details and What to Expect

Recruitment Schedule Details

The first event is a mandatory Recruitment Convocation held on campus before recruitment rounds begin. The suggested dress is casual. Potential New Members (PNMs) will not be meeting sorority women at this time. You will meet and be introduced to the Executive Board for Panhellenic and the Panhellenic recruitment counselors (Pi Chis) that have worked long and hard for recruitment to be a huge success. All questions will be answered and schedules for the week will be distributed at this meeting.


During Open House Round, each PNM will visit each of the ten participating sororities for a 20 minute meet-and-greet type event. Open House Round will take place over the first two days of recruitment.


The next day, Philanthropy Round, is the first day of invitations to recruitment events. Each PNM may visit up to seven parties lasting 30 minutes each. In this round, the PNM will participate in an activity (usually making a craft) that will support each individual chapter's philanthropy. This is wonderful opportunity to ask more in-depth questions about the philanthropy and service projects of each sorority.


The next day of invitations, Sisterhood Round, consists of up to five parties per PNM lasting 40 minutes each. This round is where most chapters do a presentation of some kind that gives insight into the sisterhood bonds that exist between the members. PNMs should continue to ask questions about sorority life in general and each specific chapter. The sisters will help answer your questions by sharing their personal feelings about their individual chapter experience.


Preference Round consists of each PNM visiting up to two parties lasting 45 minutes each. The sorority members will explain to PMNs what it means to be a member of their sorority and what their sorority could offer the PNM. During this round, Panhellenic encourages PNMs to think back on the previous rounds and recall what they liked best about these sororities and why they would choose to join a particular group. When choosing a sorority, keep things in perspective.


The last day, Bid Day, is when PNMs may receive up to one bid (invitation to join) from a chapter. If the PNM accepts the bid, they will be a new member of that chapter from that point forward. However, new members will not be initiated into the chapter until weeks after Bid Day.


Other notes:

  • Expect to be nervous and stressed. It’s natural to have butterflies in your stomach when you meet the chapters, but it will get easier as the days progress. And remember, the sisters are just as nervous as you! They also feel a lot of pressure to find new sisters for their chapter. Just relax and smile, and recruitment will breeze by.

  • Expect to meet a lot of new people! One of the best parts of recruitment is all the new people you meet, both peers and upperclass women. You may find your new best friend right in your recruitment group. At any rate, you're guaranteed to end recruitment with a whole bunch of new friends.

  • Expect to be asked questions. Recruitment relies a lot on conversation and interaction to help you meet the sisters and for them to meet you. They want to know more about you, so don't be surprised if they ask you questions. At the same time, we encourage you to ask your own questions of them. You're trying to find out more about them, too!

  • Expect to have fun! Recruitment is not always serious. Your new sisters will be a lot of fun to meet!


What to Wear

Check out the What to Wear Guide to help you plan for what to wear during recruitment. Remember, do not stress about outfits, it is about who you are not what you are wearing that really matters during recruitment. You should already own everything you need to wear.


Pi Chi's- Who They Are, How They Help

Upon registration for recruitment, each Potential New Member is assigned a recruitment counselor (Pi Chi). Recruitment counselors are sorority women who have chosen to disaffiliate from their sorority during the recruitment period in order be a trustworthy resource and source of aid for the women going through recruitment. Since their sorority membership is unknown, Potential New Members should feel comfortable discussing their options and asking candid questions of their recruitment counselors.


Recruitment counselors will usually oversee a group of approximately 10 to 15 women during recruitment. Pi Chis will meet with their PNMs before and after each round, both to provide them with their schedules for the round and to offer guidance to the women.


You should feel free to ask Pi Chis any questions you have before, during, or after recruitment. They are there to help! All of the recruitment counselors have gone through the recruitment process themselves and have many more sorority experiences to share.



Recommendations- What are They, and Do I Need One?

A recommendation or a "rec" is just that, a letter of recommendation typically written by an alumna of a particular sorority "recommending" you to that organization.


At the College of Charleston recommendations are encouraged but they certainly are not required.


If you do have a rec, you may send it to:


[Name of Sorority]

c/o Greek Life

69 Coming St

Charleston, SC 29424

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